The Only Way Out is Through

All segments of the healthcare supply chain continue to face challenges stemming from disparate data and the lack of real-time visibility between trading partners. These factors continue to cause the supply chain to react without the necessary information while being faced with historic financial pressures.

All organizations within the supply chain recognize the challenges, and many are investing to solve the problem, but if we don’t work in unison, we will still be left with a fragmented supply chain.

The Surgence solution is grounded in this need for a unified movement toward a new and better supply chain. Like a herd of bison that knows charging directly into a storm reduces the amount of time it takes to get through it, our solution is designed to rally the industry together to address the supply chain “chaos” head-on and build the framework for the supply chain of the future.


The Surgence Digital Platform

Surgence is a revolutionary cloud-based solution providing suppliers, distributors and providers with unprecedented, multidirectional visibility into product supply and demand. Created in partnership with Palantir, it is designed to mitigate the impact of disruptions in the healthcare supply chain to ensure they do not compromise patient care.

  • Transform data to information, information into decisions, all within a singular platform
  • Take greater control of your own supply chain and put an end to reactive decision-making, pricing variability and stockpiling
  • Become a visionary to ensure the healthcare industry is more universally equipped to save lives

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Our Mission

To create a healthcare supply chain platform that fully connects providers, distributors and suppliers and brings unprecedented visibility to supply and demand information.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the healthcare supply chain by unifying providers, distributors and suppliers.








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